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We Need You.

Our volunteer drivers are what makes the Regional Transportation Collaborative (RTC) amazing. Our drivers help our local older adults and/or people with disabilities overcome isolation and maintain connections to their communities by providing trusted and reliable transportation to their healthcare appointments, critical errands or legal appointments. Volunteer driving is a rewarding experience, providing the community with invaluable support.  The best part of being a volunteer driver is the people you will meet!
New drivers are always needed, please consider volunteering with us!

If you have questions about the application process or forms, please call our Volunteer Coordinator, Libbi at (540) 422.2600 or our Volunteer Recruiter at (540) 505.5900.

(540) 505-5900


The Regional Transportation Collaborative
partners with transportation services provided
by volunteer drivers, that enables older adults and/or people with disabilities to maintain their independence.

"Community partners working together to increase mobility in the region."


Why You Will Love Volunteering

  • Chance to Impact Lives - As a volunteer, you will meet new people, share conversations, and significantly contribute to local older adults and/or people with disabilities ability to stay healthy, active, and independent.

  • Help those who depend on transportation support to get to their medical appointments.

  • Offer a simple, low cost, but high-impact way of giving back to their community.

  • Choose your availability.

  • Ability to drive program vehicle, wheelchair vans, or your own vehicle.


"The greatest good is what we do for one another"

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